Roadmap after ICO | New deadlines

Meet the new deadlines for delivering the products and services of Lunes Platform.

Hello dear Lunes community.

During our ICO period, we did not reach the soft cap measured as the minimum amount to deliver all the products and service on time, so we had to readjust the dates for the launch of what we proposed in our whitepaper.

It is worth mentioning that all the products and services in our whitepaper will still be produced, the change was only on the delivery deadline.


June 16: Delivery of the Web Wallet with the sending, receiving and leasing functions of active LNS.
June 23: Addition of Bitcoin in the Web Wallet.
June 30: Mobile Wallet delivery with the active LNS sending, receiving, and leasing functions.
Adding Ethereum to the Web Wallet.
July 07: Addition of Litecoin in the Web Wallet.
July 14: Addition of a new crypto in the Web Wallet.
Adding Bitcoin to the Mobile Wallet.
July 21: Addition of a new crypto in the Web Wallet.
July 28: Addition of Ethereum in the Mobile Wallet.
August 08: Delivery of mobile recharge service in the Web Wallet. *
August 15: Delivery of invoice payment service in the Web Wallet. *
Direct sale of crypto-coins in the Web Wallet.
August 22: Delivery of the EFT service in the Web Wallet.*
September 1: Delivery of P2P service in the Web Wallet.
December 1: Delivery of our Decentralized Exchange.
January 1: Delivery of the 2019 roadmap with the remaining products and services.

*Services available, at first, only in Brazil.

Thank you so much for having accompanied us here. The journey is long and we count on the strength of all of you during the next months and years.

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