The Martian, film 3 of 500+

Nothing beats a hard boiled sci-fi. I shouldn’t give too much away, beyond it being an instant classic, but I’m so glad the story went the way it did. I can handle tension when it is measured by quantifiable outcomes. I appreciate foreshadowing and its services in mitigating jump scares. Everything went well enough.

This isn’t the type of film that creates action by punishing extras. It’s largely dialogue with moral choices made by well adjusted individuals. The driving force of the film is the protagonist’s lurch towards scientific inquiry, not an easy angle to hook an audience but his life is on the line.

I liked the fusion of a real -seeming near future with cheesy music, it gave a vibe of comfort in cringing at dated cultural relics. I do not doubt this film will age well — it’s just that films in this genre usually have a lot to live up to and not every film makes it to its inevitable present in the best shape. Who knows how any of it will go?

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