Don’t ignore snoring and sleep-apnea says Lungs-Sleep specialist

“Do you feel tired, dejected and dizzy in the morning? Do you think that you didn’t have a sound sleep during the nights and there were several short spells when you were awake? Are headaches and difficulty in concentrating are quite frequent problems? If yes, then you are perhaps suffering from snoring disorders.” says the specialist of Lungs-sleep; the renowned rehabilitation and treatment center in Pune.

While talking to our correspondent, he informs that snoring is not a serious medical issue. It is a frequently found problem, though.

Sleep apnea is the culprit

“The bigger problem is sleep apnea and not snoring. When we sleep, our heart rate and respiration drop. The blood pressure and body temperature also come down. It is required for the repair and maintenance work. When the sleep gets disrupted repeatedly, we do not get the benefits of sound sleep.”

When people go to a snoring disorder specialist in pune, doctors check the risk factors and probable causes before prescribing medicines. Proper diagnosis is the key to success as far as treatment is concerned.

Snoring and sleep-apnea are cause of other ailments also

When you do not sleep properly, there are several negative impacts on the health. Increased sugar level is also one of them. Expert at Lungs-Sleep talks about the inter-relationship of both.

“Patients go to Diabetes specialist in pune complaining about increased sugar levels. To their surprise, the doctor sends them to snoring disorder specialist in pune. It is because the lack of sleep is amongst the most common reasons of diabetes.”

“When you do not have a sound sleep during the night, you feel drowsy and tired whole day. It is needless to say that it impacts your efficiency. People working in hazardous occupations need to be more cautious about it.” She adds.

Daytime fatigue and sleepiness should not be taken lightly. One should meet a specialist as soon as possible. The earlier the treatment starts, the better are the results.

“Statistics says that a lot of accidents are caused because people doze off while driving. They doze off because they do not sleep well in the night. It is needless to mention the tragic consequence of the same. Therefore, don’t ignore the problem even if there are slightest of symptoms.

“Sleep disorder also results in increased blood pressure. It increases the risk of heart failure and stroke also. Hence, it is not a good thing to ignore the problem. Meet an expert when there are early symptoms so that he can nip the problem in the bud.”

How does Lungs-Sleep help?

“Our center is designed to diagnose and treat the problem well. Our specialists record several parameters and understand the occurrences and severity of sleep disturbance. Snoring is recorded, brain waves and breathing are measured, and heart rate and muscle activities are monitored.”

When state-of-the-art machines give accurate readings, and seasoned doctors interpret them accurately, patients get benefited the best. Lungs-Sleep is one of the most advanced and equipped centers in Pune.


Sleep disorders are quite common nowadays. Lifestyle and stress are the common reasons. Most of the times, the problem gets ignored which results in several other ailments. When seasoned experts treat the trouble, they find out the fundamental cause. Centers like Lungs-Sleep bring sophisticated treatment methods using state-of-the-art machines and tools.

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