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Keeping in view the increasing number of pulmonary diseases in India, it is very much important that early diagnostic methods are established. If you talk to the best pulmonologist in Pune about the best way of limiting the outbreak, then he or she will insist on the same. Doctors feel that there is a big gap in recognizing and managing the problems because of less affordability and availability of healthcare facilities. Recently, Dr.Mohan K T who is a renowned pulmonologist in Pune organized a seminar to spread the awareness of COPD or Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Press correspondents, doctors, and several others attended it.

What is COPD?

Dr.Mohan K T explained the details of COPD to the audience. “It is a lung disorder which is quite common in India. In the medical jargon, it is a condition of poorly reversible airflow which is progressive in nature. In normal words, it is a condition when patients feel shortness of breath, production of sputum increases and cough and wheezing starts. People who have been under a prolonged exposure of the prominent risk factors show the symptoms quite prominently. Since it affects the efficiency and productivity of the patient, there are direct and indirect costs and economic burden on the country. Considering the economic condition of the nation, it is very much important to diagnose and treat the problem.”

Correspondents were eager to know about the risk factors. Dr Mohan says, “There are many! Tobacco in any form is dangerous, but smoking tobacco is primarily responsible for COPD. Bidi, cigarette, smoke pipes, Electronic cigarette, smokeless cigarettes; all are equally bad. Contrary to the popular belief, filtered cigarettes are equally bad. Unfortunately, most of the risk factors prevailing in India are socially accepted by and large. Hence, even if patients go to the best pulmonologist in Pune, it is of no use because patients don’t want to quit the bad habits that are primarily responsible for the disease. Other than the bad habits, prolonged exposure to the smoke of biomass fuel is also a major contributor” he says.

What should be done to prevent it?

Correspondents asked about the effective measures of preventing the outbreak. Dr.Mohan K T replies, “As per my opinion, it is critically important that we spread the awareness of the disease as much as possible. Since prevention is better than cure, we will be able to save many lives. People should be informed about the risks of direct and indirect smoking, exposure to biomass fuel and other factors. Also, patients should be trained in inhaler technique. Attendants should be educated in the case of elderly patients.”

“When patients come to an expert pulmonologist in Pune for diagnosis, it is very much important that no information should be hidden from the doctor. When patients mislead the doctor by producing incorrect facts, there is a possibility of incorrect diagnosis and treatment.” He concludes.

The seminar was quite effective, useful and engaging for everyone. Since the content was well-articulated and effectively presented, everybody understood it well. Use of audio-visual medium kept the interest alive.


COPD or Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is one of the commonly occurring respiratory problems in India. Amongst prominent reasons, smoking and exposure to the smoke of biomass fuel contribute the maximum. Though doctors put their best for public awareness, the efforts are not sufficient. Voluntary organizations and common people need to come forward for it.

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