Ms Davis:
Patrick Hill

You always know when a comment starts with some faux-cordial “Ms. So-and-so” it’s gonna be some crotchety old man talking shit. This rule hasn’t failed yet. Thank you for providing your senseless babbling for the sake of reinforcing what I think we’ll call Luna’s Law. “As a comment or article written by a woman on Medium grows, the chances of a crotchety old man writing some incoherent babbling beginning with a condescending formal opening approaches 1.”

“ you know the experiences of black women, do you?”

I know reading is hard, but I did flat out say that I can never know the experiences of black women.

“Do you realize the consequences, logically, of such a statement?”

I mean, aside from having crotchety (probably racist) men talk down to me? Yeah, systemic racism and its unique effects on women. A pretty common subject of Intersectional Feminism and Womanism.