Nighthold Mythic Chronomatic Anomaly first kill walkthrough and tips

Widely considered by everybody as one of the freebie bosses in Mythic Nighthold and downed by top guilds in one try, this is probably going to be a brick wall for the majority of the guilds.

Looks like Chronomatic Anomaly ran out of time.

After 42 tries on the boss, we finally defeated Mythic Chronomatic Anomaly on the 43rd. Having downed Mythic Skorpyron in 4 tries, my guild (Utopia US Aman’Thul) went into the fight thinking it would be an easy 2 out of 10 bosses in our first week venturing into Mythic Nighthold. Boy, were we so wrong.

Generally, my guild really enjoyed this encounter, which in my opinion, is a healing intensive fight coupled with a gear / skill check of your damage dealers. It also helped to bring the guild closer together as we sat down to review logs extensively, identify problems and design solutions which we executed to perfection in our first kill. This was a pleasant surprise as we did not recall having to put in this much effort for Mythic Emerald Nightmare.

Here is the link to our first kill which took 4 mins and 40 seconds at an average item level of 896.

Any longer than that would mean our healers running out of mana as we went with 4 healers to go with our 2 tanks and 14 DPS. Initially, we brought in 5 healers but later decided that we needed the damage to defeat the boss around the 4:30 minutes mark when the number of adds that spawned were too many for us to handle.

Raid Composition

2 Tanks: 1 Vengeance Demon Hunter, 1 Protection Paladin
14 DPS: 2 Havoc Demon Hunters, 1 Frost Death Knight, 2 Balance Druids, 3 Beast Mastery Hunters, 1 Marksman Hunter, 1 Retribution Paladin, 1 Elemental Shaman, 1 Enhancement Shaman, 1 Demonology Warlock, 1 Arms Warrior
4 Healers: 2 Holy Paladins, 1 Restoration Druid, 1 Restoration Shaman

Tip: Consider using Vantus Runes for the 1,500 versatility stat boost which helps with both DPS and surviving the many damaging mechanics in this fight.

Dealing with the two Waning Time Particle adds

For the first set of adds which spawned 20 seconds into the fight, we divided our raid into two teams. When the adds spawned, Team A dragged the boss to the left add while Team B moved to deal with the right side add. We placed our strongest single-target and cleave DPS in Team A so that we did not lose out too much time damaging the boss with the split.

Tip for tanks: Pay attention to the moment when adds spawn. Move the boss to the add immediately so as to maximise the uptime of cleave DPS on the boss.

My guild found an equal split (10 / 10) to be the most efficient for this first set of adds. Like many guilds, we delayed interrupting the first Power Overwhelming until after the eighth pulse. An equal split allowed our Team B players to burn down their add and rejoin Team A in time before the boss cast the fourth pulse. Any later would risk deaths on Team B.

Remember to set up an interrupt rotation for ‘Warp Nightwell’. Do note that this ability becomes uninterruptible when the Waning Time Particle add begins casting it at or below 30% health.

Tip: Delay your interrupts. This is especially useful for when the Waning Time Particle begins casting below 50% health. You can still interrupt the cast anytime, even if its health has started to drop below 30%.

For the second set of adds at the 2:30 minutes mark, the entire raid moved to the left except for one tank and one healer who headed to the right side to prevent the add from getting any casts off. We picked our Restoration Shaman for this task as he was the only healer with an interrupt.

Last but not least for the third set of adds at the 3:40 minutes mark, we only sent one tank to deal with the right-side add while the raid dealt with the left-side add and the boss after.

We had to deal with 5 Power Overwhelming casts before the boss met its timely demise.

Interrupting Power Overwhelming

We found that we could only afford to delay interrupting the first two instances of Power Overwhelming. We waited until after the eighth pulse before we interrupted the first Power Overwhelming. For the second Power Overwhelming, we could only delay up until the fourth pulse.

Tip: Use Temporal Smash immediately after the designated pulse as it has an animation travel-time of about 3 seconds. Note that every new pulse happens 5 seconds after the previous one.

After every interrupt, the Passage of Time changes. On Mythic difficulty, this is the order at which the time changes:

  • Normal Time (Time naturally switches to Fast 12 seconds into the fight)
  • Fast Time (Power Overwhelming #1)
  • Slow Time (Power Overwhelming #2)
  • Fast Time (Power Overwhelming #3)
  • Normal Time (Power Overwhelming #4)
  • Slow Time (Power Overwhelming #5)
  • Fast Time (Boss should die here)
  • Slow Time

Refer to the fight sequence below for a clearer picture of the different mechanics which would take place in each time phase.

As for the third, fourth and fifth Power Overwhelming casts, they were interrupted as soon as one tank had collected a Temporal Charge. This was done to help conserve healers’ mana and prevent sudden deaths. Unexpected deaths can snowball the fight quite quickly, especially when you factor in the Time Bomb mechanic.

Letting the Time Bomb tick

If you have the misfortune of having the boss cast Time Bomb on you, here is what you need to do:

  • Position yourself more than 40 yards away from the nearest friendly player to minimise damage taken by your raid from your Time Bomb
  • Start making your way out of the raid when the Time Bomb has less than 10 seconds remaining.
  • Know when the Waning Time Particle is about to spawn. Do not chase after the add if your Time Bomb is about to explode. Stay calm and blow (only) yourself up in a corner.

Pay attention to your own health when Boss is channelling Power Overwhelming and you still have a Time Bomb ticking away. Be ready to use defensives or snack on an Ancient Healing Potion to stay alive. Dying will set off the Time Bomb prematurely near other players with Time Bombs, killing them too and setting off a chain reaction which will wipe the raid.

Healing the Time Release

If your healers happen to find the Normal/Heroic version of the fight too easy and completely overlook the Time Release mechanic, boy are they in for a rude awakening on Mythic difficulty!

Time Release applies a healing absorption shield with an expiration timer to targeted players. These can only be removed by, you guessed it, healing. Unfortunately, Chronomatic Anomaly decides he really likes bombs so he makes it such that for any Time Release which expires naturally, any remaining healing absorption will deal damage to the entire raid. On top of that, this absorption shield interferes with healing priority targets, i.e. those with Time Bombs. Needless to say, the healers must immediately deal with Time Release when they happen.

Refer to the Fight Sequence below to see when Time Release happens. Do note that the number of targets, size of the absorption shield, and duration of the Time Release debuff change with the Passage of Time Mechanic.

Fight Sequence

0:00 Normal Time

Use Heroism / Bloodlust / Time Warp on pull. Recommend using Potion of Prolonged Power as pre-pot for the 60 seconds buff.

0:05 Time Bomb cast on 2 players. These exploded around the same time when the first set of Waning Time Particle adds spawned.
0:11 Time Release (Medium Shield) cast on 4 players.

0:12 Fast Time

Prepare to heal through 8 pulses of Power Overwhelming #1.

0:17 Time Release (Large Shield) cast on 2 players.
0:19 Adds 1 and 2 spawned. Team A went to the left-side add, dragging the boss along for cleave. Team B went to the right.
0:34 Boss would channel Power Overwhelming #1 in 3 seconds.
0:37 Pulse 1 hit.
0:42 Pulse 2 hit.
0:47 Pulse 3 hit. Team B rejoined Team A. Our Restoration Shaman used Ancestral Guidance.
0:52 Pulse 4 hit. Both of our Holy Paladins used Avenging Wrath & Aura of Mercy.
0:57 Pulse 5 hit. Our Restoration Druid used Tranquility about 2s after.
1:02 Pulse 6 hit. Tranquility continued channelling.
1:05 Everybody activated his/her defensive cooldown(s) and a Warrior used Commanding Shout right before Pulse 7 hit.
1:07 Pulse 7 hit.
1:10 Restoration Shaman dropped a Spirit-Link Totem and our Demon Hunters farted Darkness to prepare for Pulse 8.
1:12 Pulse 8 hit. Team B’s tank immediately used Temporal Smash to interrupt Power Overwhelming #1.

1:17 Slow Time

Prepare to heal through 4 pulses of Power Overwhelming #2 while slowed. Players with Time Bomb need to play careful and stay alive during this phase.

1:32 Time Release (Small Shield) cast on entire raid, except 1 tank.
1:35 Time Bomb cast on 2 players. Stay alive!
1:42 Time Release (Small) cast on entire raid, except 1 tank.
1:45 Boss would channel Power Overwhelming #2 in 6 seconds.
1:51 Pulse 1 hit.
1:56 Pulse 2 hit.
2:01 Pulse 3 hit.
2:06 Pulse 4 hit. Team A’s tank immediately used Temporal Smash to interrupt Power Overwhelming #2.

2:09 Fast Time

This was a dangerous phase for my guild as our wipes often had players dying to a combination of Time Release and other environmental damage at this point. During this Fast Time phase, two players are affected every 5 seconds until a total of 8 players have the debuff. Each absorption shield is large and will expire within 10 seconds. GLHF healers!

2:16 Time Release (Large) cast on 2 players.
2:21 Time Release (Large) cast on 2 players.
2:26 Time Release (Large) cast on 2 players.
2:31 Time Release (Large) cast on 2 players.
2:33 Adds 3 and 4 spawned. Entire raid went to the left-side add except for our Protection Pally and Restoration Shaman who both went to the right.
2:39 Boss would channel Power Overwhelming #3 in 3 seconds.
2:42 Pulse 1 hit.
2:47 Pulse 2 hit.
2:51 We managed to interrupt Power Overwhelming #3 before Pulse 3 hit. Entire raid began to make their way towards the right side add.

2:57 Normal Time

Nothing particularly worrisome for this phase. Just avoid the Temporal Orbs when you are switching from the left-side add to the right-side add.

2:59 Time Release (Medium) cast on 4 players.
3:09 Time Bomb cast on 2 players.
3:12 Boss would channel Power Overwhelming #4 in 4 seconds.
3:16 Pulse 1 hit. Ancestral Guidance was used here.
3:21 Pulse 2 hit. Healing Tide Totem was used here.
3:24 We managed to interrupt Power Overwhelming #4 before Pulse 3 hit.
3:29 Time Bomb cast on 2 players.

3:33 Slow Time

The most dangerous phase where everybody is slowed and you have to contend with FOUR Time Bombs at the same… time. To add insult to injury, the boss starts to channel Power Overwhelming in about 10 seconds but your raid is too distracted dealing with the time bombs to focus their DPS on the add.

3:38 Time Bomb cast on 2 players. 4 Time Bombs ticking away now.
3:42 Adds 5 and 6 spawn. Entire raid went to the left add except for one of the tanks who went to the right.
3:43 Time Release (Small) cast on entire raid, except 1 tank.
3:52 Boss would channel Power Overwhelming #5 in 6 seconds.
3:58 Pulse 1 hit.
4:03 Pulse 2 hit. Tranquility and Aura of Mercy were used here.
4:08 Pulse 3 hit.
4:12 We managed to interrupt Power Overwhelming #5 before Pulse 4 hit.

4:13 Fast Time

Time to kill the boss. Healers need to watch out for the Time Release debuff.

4:19 Time Release (Large) cast on 2 players.
4:24 Time Release (Large) cast on 2 players.
4:29 Time Release (Large) cast on 2 players.
4:34 Time Release (Large) cast on 2 players.
4:37 Adds 7 and 8 spawned. We ignored these adds. This also meant there were a total of 3 adds up at this point.
4:40 Boss dies.

If you are reading this, I hope you found this guide useful. Feel me to drop me any questions in the comments below and I will do my best to answer those. Also, I will be uploading more guides as my guild progresses through Mythic Nighthold.

Good luck with Chronomatic Anomaly!

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