How to wake up in the morning without wish to fall asleep again?

You know, for me it was real problem some time ago. It was problem even when I slept enough. But since the previous month I’ve took in that it’s not serious to wake up without any wish to live the present day. After that thought of changing my morning routine came up in my head. So in this post I’ll give you some advices which helped me to get out of bad mood in the begining of the day.

  1. Change your clothes after sleeping. Seriously, it’s a bad habbit (as for me) to live in pajama. If you wear it takes you back to bed even after full time of sleeping. This rule spreads even on your bed. The unmade bed attracts us to it.
  2. Take a shower. It’s a guaranteed way to wake up and raise the tone of the body. Use Soaps and lotions with a well perceptible smell of lemon, Jasmine or mint is a great stimuli for the brain.
  3. Read or watch something motivational. It really helps to tune in the desired fashion. When I was watching the news in the morning and it was bugging me all day. Thanks to the news we are more nervous.
  4. Have a breakfast. A good Breakfast is like to make a good first impression on a future boss. Eating in the morning affects the behavior of your business throughout the day, so this issue cannot be neglected in any case.
  5. Smile. Just allow some happiness in your life without any reason. Notice anything, every little detail of the life. I’m happy cause when I wake up I see my cat lying near my legs, cause I see how is awesome city at 5 a. m., nobody rushes outside and weak dawn makes me smile too. Simple things create our life.

I hope these little advices will help you to be more lively and concentrated ❤