Let’s talk about the past

I’m really sorry that lately I write my blog not so often but I’ll fix it the nearliest time. Well this story will contain a lot of letters so be ready! ^^
First of all I should start with “geography revision” which we had at 5 of October. Ekaterina Yu. separated us into 2 groups and gave a big list of papper to each team. Then one tean had to move to the next room and draw the map of the world withot any hints. Our group had the same task. Well you can see that we’re not failures but we have some gaps. There’re our arts.

The map of another group
The map of our team

The next activity we did was the presentations of Stereotypes. I’ve dual vision of this thing. From the one side it’s not so good thing, moreover sometimes it’s even offensive. But from the other side it’s funny and makes us define some nations for example. I liked a lot presentation of Yura who based his speech on his own expirience. Also I liked a lot speech about Noroway from Kostya. Theu were so rediculous! My presentation was about Italian stereotypes. I worried a lot but anything was better than I’ve expected.

Gesture stereotype с:

But it’s not the end of the fun. At the 13th of October (what a nice date! XD) we had activity on the 1st English class. There were 2 American groups. 1stly we had beed separated into several little groups. Each group had their sophomore (lol, sorry if I’m a bit wrong -_-) and we met playing the “snowball”. Then we talked about our super powers and draw on sheets of papper how can we use them in our future professions. Yes, guys, my super power is “eat running”, don’t judge me for this pls! ^^’’ After this we presentated the pictures of other groups in English. It was fantastic activity and thank you for this!

Thank you for your attention!
See ya! ❤