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Sicong Zhao
4 min readOct 7, 2023


With the explosion of online education resources, there’s a galaxy of information out there. But how do you navigate through this vast expanse and find the exact stars that shine the brightest for your unique learning journey? Enter: Learniverse (www.learniverse.pro).

Learniverse has always been about creating a cosmos of knowledge tailored to your individual learning needs. And now, we’re excited to unveil a plethora of new features that will further revolutionize the way you learn.

What’s New in the Learniverse?

  1. Personalized Questions: To ensure that the universe aligns with your aspirations, users can now answer up to 3 questions about their learning objectives. This extra layer of information allows us to tailor courses even more accurately to what you wish to achieve.
  2. Improved Recommendation Engine: Our AI has evolved! It now dives deep into the vast ocean of educational content, analyzing and picking out the pearls to design a course that’s just right for you.
  3. Material Clarity: Ever jumped into a lesson and wondered, “What’s this all about?” We’ve got you covered. Each lesson now clearly spells out expected learning outcomes and offers a concise summary so you can know what to expect before diving in.

Why Choose Learniverse?

  • More Than Just Courses: It’s an entire universe dedicated to your growth. With our AI, every tutorial is a step closer to your unique aspirations.
  • Embrace Your Curiosity: Wherever your inquisitiveness takes you, we’ve got a personalized pathway awaiting exploration.
  • Trust in Knowledge: In a world overflowing with information, rest assured, our AI ensures that you get only the crème de la crème of content.
  • Evolve with Flexibility: Change is the only constant. And with Learniverse, your learning journey is as dynamic and adaptable as you.

Dive into the Learniverse and let your knowledge journey be as limitless and vast as the universe itself! 🌌🚀📘

Your Personal Guide to Crafting a Course on Learniverse:

Step 1: Choose your engine. Opt for our free version or the newly introduced PRO engine for a premium learning experience.

Fig 1. Choose your engine

Step 2: Define your course. Pick a subject, lay out your learning goals, and decide if you’d like to further personalize your course by answering our custom questions.

Fig 2. Define your course.
Fig 3. Define your course.

Step 3: Answer questions. For those who opt-in for the personalization questions, our system will generate queries based on your learning objectives. Respond to the questions and watch as Learniverse crafts a preliminary course outline for you.

Fig 4. Answer questions.

Step 4: Review, reorder, rename. Adjust lessons as per your liking and select the tutorial format that suits your style — videos, readings, or both.

Fig 5. Review, reorder, rename.

Step 5: Let our AI do the heavy lifting. It’ll scout for the best materials for each lesson. Sit back and relax — in about 5 minutes, you’ll receive an email notification with your course link.

Fig 6. Let our AI do the heavy lifting.

Step 6: Preview and edit. Make final tweaks to your course and hit ‘publish’.

Fig 7. Preview and edit.

Step 7: Enroll, learn, and soar!

Fig 8. Enroll and learn.

Special Invitation

We’re excited to offer a chance to try the premium service of Learniverse for FREE (and yes, no credit card required). Dive deep into a world of personalized learning tailored exclusively for you.

Stay Updated & Reach Out: Follow me on Medium for the latest updates and never hesitate to reach out with questions to AskMeAnything@learniverse.pro. Your learning universe awaits, and we’re here to guide you through every constellation.

Happy Learning,
The Learniverse Team.



Sicong Zhao

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