After visiting Estonia in Feb 2017, I find it interesting to initiate some topic. Not because the impression fits well with all of the official advertisements. But in reality, the Estonia’s ‘struggles’, solutions and insights are those really worth sharing.

At least for Taiwan, we could find some similarities:

Not to mention the coincidence of Taiwan’s first female president, Tsai Ing-wen inaugurated in May 20, 2016 and Estonia’s first female president, Kersti Kaljulaid inaugurated in Oct 10, 2016 which is also Taiwan’s national day.

And both societies persuading digitalisation thematically or unthematically is too common-sense to give it any words.

That’s see it from the problems both face. Both feel disturbing and uneasy.

(1) Society cohesion problem: society is devided by people with different identity. In Taiwan, pro-China vs. pro-Taiwan, in Estonia, pro-Russia vs. pro-Estonia.

(2) Super neighbour: China and Russia.

(3) Pension reform debate.

Every society is too often overwhelmed in its own problems. But as long as we see others undergoing similar situations, we raise our awareness to another level. We may find reflections, insights, mutual interests and even partnership. Why not?

First, I will introduce some reading materials of president Kersti Kaljulaid’s interview and speech. It has common values to share even to non-Estonians.

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