How to debug meteor latest version (Meteor@1.6-rc.16) running on Node 8 by your Chrome Dev Tools

debug both client and server side meteor project using chrome dev tools

As you know, right before Meteor 1.0 came out, we got an interesting new feature snuck in by Meteor Development Group, meteor debug. Use meteor debug instead of meteor run to start your meteor application. It will add the node inspector package to your running Meteor app so that you can debug it.

Recently, I could not set breakpoints to debug on my project building with the latest version of meteor release/METEOR@1.6-rc.16 (it run on Node.js version 8) using IDE WebStorm 2017.2.3 version.

Error: debug-brk=60633 is not allowed in NODE_OPTIONS
Check which node version that meteor is running with

It’s the exact version that Meteor will be run with!

I think probably you also faced with the same problem to me if you were using the latest version of meteor. So here I have a trick for you to able to debug your app no matter which IDEs you are using.

All you need to do is:

  1. run meteor debug
meteor debug — settings=[ PATH TO YOUR SETTINGS FILE] — debug-port 9229

2. From Chrome go to url: chrome://inspect => click inspect on your node process running.

click inspect to debug the running process

3. The final step is always most important. This is not a big task but everyone doesn’t know about it. Let’s smile and clap to shows how much you appreciated!