The benefits of being Grateful

Heroes are meant for children. But I think us adults could really use some help from them too.

Like all other Sunday, I spend most of my time relax, take a look back on what I have achieved for the passed week. You can simply understand this as me, lying on bed watching one of my favorite series: Legends of Tomorrow, and then fall asleep.

But today, there is something different about the way I absorb the movie. When I saw Commander Steel regret what he had done in the past and tried to go back in time to fix things, I mostly felt the same way. Because I had made many mistakes, I had been through pains before lying here watching this episode. I started to wonder, what if I could change every miseries, every tough experiences that I had to go through, will the present me be happy?

In the end, Commander Steel accepted that he could not change the past and sacrificed himself for a greater purpose. You can easily think about this as a casual superheroes TV episode, but it had taught me a few things, about the past, and about my attitude towards it.

For the last 18 months, I have never stopped blaming myself for the mistake I have made, to be precise, I have never forgiven the underlying me for whatever I have done wrong. I let some of the girls that loved me with all their hearts walked out of my life, I let some colleagues at my club down several times, let my parents and my brothers down numerous times, too. Every time bad things happened, I used to face them with complains and regrets, with anger and resent, fear of having to come up against the same issue.

It was at that moment that I found out, I need to be GRATEFUL for whatever coming my way, regardless it is an obstacle, a person leaving my life, a financial issue, … FAILURE come to tell us that, we NEED to get BETTER. Without each of these mistakes, I will never be the person I am today. It seemed like life always gave me what I need when I needed it the most, although sometimes it was not what I would love to have.

When I felt desperate and lost every drops of faith in love, in relationships, life gave me an unforgettable romantic relationship that recovers my belief. When I was drown in that relationship and lost the motivation and determination to change, to be better, when I was satisfied and decided to settle for what I was having, life took away what I thought belonged to me. Of course, these incidents left me in disappointment for a short period of time. Yet, I am now, here, feeling grateful for the very special treatment that the Superior has set aside for me.

After all, it is impossible for you to change what has happened. The first choice is to blame yourself or anyone around for adversity. This is easy, right, but I guarantee that it will leave you unhappy or worse is never be able to be happy again. Second choice is to be a little more grateful towards your pains, embrace them and you will see, pains are not bad at all. The moment I really felt grateful, I actually felt HAPPY.

From my perspective, we all need to be grateful for whatever life has to offer us. Because when we look at things around us with gratitude, life will bring us with exactly what we NEED. I believe that God leaves no one behind, as long as you still do your best and be grateful, you will no longer have to spend your days in regret.

Those are my personal opinions, how about you? I am new to writing so please leave comments if you share the same, or even the opposite thoughts. I would be grateful if you could spend a little time giving me some feedback. Thank you!