#LUPXTuesday: Weekly Update 4

Hello LUPX family and welcome to our fourth weekly update — it really doesn’t feel like a month has past since we started posting these!

We have plenty of important and exciting news for you this week, from updates about the future of the project, to collaborations with crypto-influencers and opportunities to get your hands on some free LUPX!

An Important Announcement from the Founders of The Lupecoin Project

During the week, we released a statement regarding inclusivity and diversity within The Lupecoin Project.

As most of you know, Lupecoin was created for fun, celebrating @senorLupe — a twitter persona who was a breath of fresh air with his always sunny attitude, his always positive messages, and his funny broken Spanglish during a time when cryptotwitter was quite unpleasant.

Since LUPX has transformed into a legitimate project with an active development team, we felt the need to address the fact that the themes and tones chosen for our previous marketing and communications may be offensive to some people — going against the vision of our whitepaper “to share a cryptocurrency that brings the community together through friendship and support”

The full statement can be read here: Important Message from the Founders of TLP

AMA with @TheRealMarieBTC

We are delighted to be joining @TheRealMarieBTC in her telegram channel today for her (and our) first ever AMA! The AMA will be starting at 4:00PM EST.

You can join Marie’s telegram channel here: https://t.me/therealmariebtc

LUPX Giveaways and Competitons

At the moment, there are quite a few members of our team, and some enthusiastic members of our community running LUPX giveaways and competitions! Check out our official Twitter account @LupecoinProject where we have shared and retweeted these opportunities to get your hands on some free LUPX.

Some of the accounts to keep an eye on are:

· @LupecoinProject

· @hilobrain

· @vagobond

· @CC0riginal

· @kryptoknights3

· @d0c0il3rhodls

Exchange Listings

We are happy to announce another exchange listing for LUPX! BTC and ETH pairings have been added to Dakuce Exchange.

Check them out here: https://dakuce.com/

Thanks for reading and being part of our great community!