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The irony of Deadpool receiving awards recognition is rich. Here we have a situation where awards bodies have taken a superhero film seriously only when it mocks the genre, thereby affirming their distaste and disdain for said genre. It is akin to only getting someone to pay attention to you when you reinforce to them that you agree with their lowly opinion of your standing. It is an interesting kind of humiliation. 
Fanboys and fanboy critics are to blame for this.
In 2016 a vocal segment of fanboys and nerd critics took it upon themselves the relentlessly attack superhero films that took themselves seriously, therefore it is not surprising that those who take film seriously would see a superhero film that brazenly mocks the genre as THE one worthy of recognition.
Superhero films do not deserve to be seen as anything other than mindless entertainment that will never be at the level of sophisticated art.
Fanboys, you deserve this dismissive derision and disdain, you are to blame.

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