Bay to Breakers Gets Better Each Year.

(Culture) Bay to Breakers is the most fun footrace on earth, and it happens in San Francisco every year in May. In case you didn’t know, this is not just any race. ZB2B is the outcome of a series of races and community events dating the early 1900's á la San Francisco, to lift civic morale, create a platform for free expression, and build a community known for its daring ways and for being ahead of their times.

It is called B2B because it starts near the San Francisco Bay — by the “Bay” Bridge, and ends at Breakers Beach—or the area where waves “break” and extend to Ocean Beach.

True San Franciscans created and nurtured B2B; now Zappos Bay to Breakers continues developing that tradition. ZB2B is evolving and bringing unforgettable experiences to locals, new residents, and visitors.

2016 marks the 105th year. About 50K people registered, many of them had great costumes, and many were “serious” runners — no costume included.

Here is a snapshot of a very, very fun race. People in costumes had the most fun!