Nabra Hassanen’s Death Is A “Hate Crime” and That’s Why You Don’t Care
Ezinne Ukoha

You said you immediately knew it was about her religion?

Well how did you know?

Do you have evidence for your claim?

Road Rage in this case is given as the reason, because they didn’t know what else did it.

The sad thing is, there are people, who will kill people in the most horrible ways possible, not because of a religion or religious motived hatred, but because they enjoy it.

And I think those people are far more dangerous than religious or racial zealots.


Because it’s much harder to “see” them, a racist is much more visible, same as a religious zealot.

Quite often, those people only use religion or race as an excuse, as it gives them license to live out their compulsions and wants, because it gives them a group they can abuse without facing consequences.

Even if you “fix” racism, you will still have psychopaths, you will only have taken away their excuse, not what drives them.

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