Announcing LUQL: A Better Way to Explore a City

We’re excited to announce the public launch of LUQL, a platform where locals create and guide tours for travellers, enthusiasts, and adventure seekers. This is only the beginning. We have some ambitious and exciting plans for the future and thrilled to show you what’s next. Most importantly, we are honoured to have you onboard.

Whether you are a local guide or a user who loves exciting adventures but hates the logistics, we are glad you are a part of the family.

Now, we want to share a few highlights about what makes LUQL different.

1) Tours can be Generic, Niche or Both.

Each guide we have onboard has their own unique interests, passions, and perspectives. There are no guides who are the same similar to how there are no snowflakes that are identical. We love it and use it as an advantage. The uniqueness of our individual guides transfers onto the tours they produce. And it shows.

Our strength is our diversity. We have guides who love holding attraction tours because they love jaws drop when people witness destinations that they’ve only seen on postcards and movies.

Many guides use our platform to turn their passions into their careers — photographers hold amazing photography tours around the city, food enthusiasts host delicious and mouthwatering food tours, avid hikers guide stunning sightseeing tours, and cyclists hold exhilarating cycling tours.

Something we are incredibly proud of is that we are creating a platform to make those opportunities possible. We take it to heart.

Often times, we find that people travelling to new cities or countries already have a plan in mind. Some might go to New York City solely for the shopping experience while some fly all the way to Vancouver to hit all the attractions and sights in one-go. At LUQL, we make that possible.

Saves you time, money, and frustration. If you have a plan, let our guides execute it for you.

If you don’t, let our guides take you on an adventure.

2) A Convenient, Worry-free, and Personal Experience.

The whole reason we all got started with LUQL was because we ourselves faced the same problems; inconvenient, expensive, and unoriginal experiences.

During a LUQL tour — from the start to the middle to the end, our guides take care of all the planning, transportation, payments, and everything in between so you can focus on the experience. Simple fun.

When travelling to a foreign country or city, you no longer have to worry about language barriers or getting lost. You have us.

Unlike many big tour agencies, we don’t believe in picking someone up and simply just dropping them off to fend for themselves. In a new destination, visitors tend to miss a lot of awesome native attractions because only locals know they exist. We make sure that doesn’t happen.

3) We Offer Guidance But the Guides are the Boss.

Most likely, we are not locals in your town so we wouldn’t know for the life of us what a great tour may consist of. This is why we want local guides to decide what goes into their itinerary. We are a technology company that is here to help and make the guide’s life easier.

With that said, we are not a travel agency nor do we want to be. That stuff is boring. LUQL is a platform for you to make money — not stress. We understand that you might not necessarily want to quit your day job so you don’t have to.

Some will take LUQL full-time and some will take LUQL part-time. When you create a tour, you decide on the dates when you want to hold it. Not free on weekdays? Hold tours on the weekends. Want to have the weekends for the family? Hold tours on the weekdays. You’re the boss.

Now let’s talk money. Since there is a variety of tours, which can cost from as little as $10 to as much as $500 to run, we want the guides themselves to list their cost per attendee. A reasonable price-tag encourages bookings.

For the users who book the tours, they can very happily do so because they know the tour is created by the guide themselves and the price they paid is a price the guide deems reasonable. We know that sounds like something that should almost be expected but it’s not and we want to make sure that our guides get compensated reasonably and are not just getting by.

To reiterate, we want LUQL to be a platform where people can combine their entrepreneurial spirit and their relentless passion to make money and where others can book their tours to conveniently explore a city and discover new experiences.

We are still a relatively new startup so there is still a ton more to do and learn. Definitely bear with us — we will make it worthwhile. Our team worked incredibly hard the last few months and released the iOS app. The android and web version will be shipping out in the next few months.

Make sure you stay connected with us on social media for the android and web release as well as other updates.

We have an incredible team of engineers, designers, and product leaders who are dedicated to building LUQL to be the best possible platform it can be. We are constantly evolving, innovating and listening to our users.

Join us today on this journey to explore the world. We have chosen San Francisco, New York City, Vancouver and Toronto to start but we’re aggressively expanding everyday. We are humbled by all your support and look forward to working with you.

Happy touring!

The LUQL team

Danny, Gary, Tim, Kevin, Vicki, Ray, Dennis

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Where locals create and guide tours for travellers, enthusiasts, and adventure seekers.