How Do I Become a Guide?

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Before we talk about the process of becoming a guide, here’s a little about us:
LUQL is a mobile app where people create and guide tours for adventure seekers, enthusiasts and travellers from around the world. As a local guide, you decide what goes on in your tours, how much it costs, and when to hold them. As an independent contractor, you are your own boss.
We’re a relatively new startup so we’re in the process of onboarding tour guides on our platform. Definitely bear with us. Being one of the first few tour guides, we’ll work with you exclusively to make sure you get the most out of LUQL.
How do I become a guide? (7 Steps)
1. We’re currently only available on iOS Appstore so definitely get your hands on an iPhone if you don’t have one yet. Android and our web app will be coming out in a few months.

2. Once you download LUQL, go on and browse the app. We’re still in beta mode. There will be some minor bugs but we’re on it. If you see something critical — please email our support team ( We’re in this together.
3. After you’re done browsing around, go on over to your profile tab and click on Become a Guide (top left corner). You’ll need your information, bank info (we directly deposit payments from your tours into your account — don’t worry, we won’t be able to take any of your money out or make any changes to your account), and a valid ID (driver’s license or passport for identification purposes).
4. You’ll also need a profile picture and a brief description of yourself. Make it interesting and authentic!
5. After you’re done all that, we’ll process everything on our backend. We take around 1–2 days for verification — sometimes sooner.
6. We’ll send an email to you when you’ve passed the verification process so make sure your email is correct. Also included in the email will be a Calendly invite so you can pick a 20 minute interview slot. If you don’t see an email in 2 days, let us know.

7. After the interview and when you’re approved, you can start creating tours! We’ll send you another email with more details but feel free to reach out to us if you need help or clarification.
What tours can I hold?
Tours can be anything. Attraction tours are great — bringing tourists around famous destinations around your city. Food tours are popular too — bringing people to popular and hole-in-the-wall eateries. Sight tours are awesome too — if you’re a photographer that knows their way around town, you can do photoshoot tours. You create tours that interests you!
How do I get paid?
As a guide, you’re responsible for creating the tours so we think it’s only fair that you also be in charge of how much you charge per person. Prices should be set with margins that guarantee a profit but also reasonable for users to book. LUQL takes a 10% service fee. Everything else goes into your pocket.
We’re looking forward to having you onboard! Can’t wait to see what tours you’re going to hold!
The LUQL team
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