I my existence I regularly keen on negative mind and I suppose it’s far herbal. Sometimes in our lives we aren’t happy and there are plenty of motives to be unhappy. But the main factor is that how we are able to withdraw our self from this trouble.
It is understood that when a silly man or woman keen on a trouble, he waste his time with the aid of questioning upon that why I changed into caught on this trouble. In comparison whilst an shrewd person faces a trouble, he always attempts to get rid from this issue.

My Experience on Negative Thoughts and feasible Solution
1st Experience: I joined professional existence because of the illness of my Grand-Father in 2011 after the crowning glory of my Matriculation. I need to examine more but i cannot do this. I did not prevent my struggle toward getting education and after spending years in expert existence I got admission in F.Sc. At that point the health of my Grand-Father changed into a touch bit better. I controlled my examine with the professional life by means of giving 6 hours day by day to my Grand-Father’s save after the college. And now as a reward i am the pupil of M.Sc. in Agricultural Engineering.
2nd Experience: In 2013 while there has been a need to start B.Sc.in 3rth semester. The condition changed into very difficult for me because for that time I enrolled 2 subjects. It changed into very difficult for me to conduct project trials because 6 hours are required in a unmarried day for this project. Then I controlled my project paintings with the aid of giving more time (5 hours/day) to laboratory and in the end I whole my entire project in simplest 2 and a half months . I performed my research paintings in one of these way that my manager stated that i laid the muse of the collection of those experimental trials which my manager wants to start from a few years.
Solution: At that point I follow gratitude and meditation if we speak approximately the Shawn Achor steps for the fulfillment.
The 5 steps mentioned by Shawn Achor are very essential for fulfillment. All these steps tells us that how we are able to face problems through working towards happiness.
My Experience: My experience was very good even as making use of those steps of happiness. Yes, of course this hobby changed into very helpful for me.

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