It’s a part of growing up!

What do you think of successful people? Ever had a brainstorming on how did they become successful in their lives? Or was that easy or difficult? A number of questions list down in my mind when thinking of success.

I ultimately relate success with sacrifice. If you are ready to sacrifice your wishes for your dreams, can do anything for that or can embrace pain for living a life of immersion, you are definitely going to succeed.

Life of Immersion

Living a life of immersion means living a purposeful life. Something you get so indulged into that you are ready to do anything for that. It is not a life of luxury. Its’s a life where you have to strive for your dreams and you have to pay it’s cost.

We all can find our purpose of life by embracing pain. At some points in life you realize what are you living for. What is you ‘why’ of your life you are longing for. I also have embraced pain and is ready to sacrifice for living a life that gives me satisfaction.

Costs or sacrifices that I have paid

When I was in First year of my intermediate, I got B grade overall. To me B grade was something unknown. This result shook my earth. I had a feeling similar to falling down from an edge straight downwards. It had a bad impact on my psychological behavior. Our result was displayed at 12 at midnight and after going through that horrible view I kept on weeping till 4 am . Then after a sudden nap of almost 15 minutes I woke up thinking it was a nightmare. So I again switched on to my computer but alas! I had to get a reality cheque. I had to listen to many sarcastic and pinching comments. But I put myself back up , realizing that this is not the end. I can make a better future indeed.

I stayed in a hostel for 2 years, leaving my family behind. Not seeing them for so many days. Working continuously for a better future. I wanted to do Masters in Water Resources Engineering just because this was the subject I was poor at. So I thought of becoming a master of Water. It was risky, terrifying, and a huge gap I wanted to fill. But my hard work, determination, sacrifices and self motivation helped me to take that long jump and now Alhamdulilah I am a Water expert with masters degree.

Main takeaways

There no failure, no pain, no sacrifice which does not teach you. I also learnt from my struggle and by embracing pain.

  1. You must be mentally prepare for the decision you are going to take.
  2. Make yourself ready for the sacrifices and the cost that would be required.
  3. Teach yourself not to give up because of the hurdles but to fight them.
  4. Enter a field clearly having this concept that life is not a bed of roses.