The Dream World

We all have experienced dreams during our sleep, as frequent as every night or as little as once in a month.

Most of the time, we do not even realize that we are actually dreaming until we wake up. Most of us will not remember the details of the dream we had after more than 24 hours, only vague memories.

A dream can have so many possibilities. It is possible to have a dream in a dream also known as a ‘false awakening’ as explained by the movie “Inception” . Most of us would not believe the theories explained in the movie due to our skeptic nature. I have personally tried it out and I was once in a dream and woke up on a sofa but I was actually sleeping on a bed at home on planet Earth.

The movie also explained that one can have the ability to do anything when they know that they are having a dream. Yet again, I tried proving it and it works! I had the ability to fly and had “superpowers” but I got too excited and woke up.

It is easy to remember how a dream ends, but can we remember how it started?

Have you ever been in a dream and it felt like hours but in reality, only 5 minutes have passed?

Topics like these makes me ponder and think. What if we could have 2 separate lives. A life on earth and another life while asleep.

If you could dream every night without fail, what kind of life would you dream of? I am sure most of us are not satisfied with our current life condition. We wish that we can have a better life, more wealth more entertainment better appearance and the list goes on.

So here goes. We sleep around 6 — 8 hours daily and spend the rest of the time living on earth. While we are asleep for the 6 hours, our life in the dreamworld can be as long as a couple of days. If we could invest that time living in lavish conditions and having control of that dream, would our lives be much more enriching and fulfilling. for every 24 hours spent, we spend around 16 hours on earth and the other 8 hours(a couple of days) in a dream. All of us would then be looking forward to sleeping every night just to cross to the other realm of life also known as the dreamworld where anything is possible.

To experience a lucid dream, a person must be in a very calm state of mind, free of worries and negative thoughts. We can enter the dream in a few minutes, it can also happen instantly. I have personally tried it before, sometimes it just happened without me having the intention to do it. It is not easy to be in full control when experiencing a dream. There are no specific tools to ensure that our dreams go the way we want it to be, most important is our ability to control our own minds.

We might not be able to grasp the ability overnight, but patience is key. How would your life (on earth) change if you can perform this daily ritual and have a wonderful life(in the dream) for the rest of your life(on earth) ?

I am not sure if scientists have proven that it is possible to dream every night but most of us would certainly be more positive to look forward to the night to go back to bed if it is possible.

This will lead to people having a more positive mindset and value their life because they have to make sure they can go to bed every night safely to get to their 2nd life.

I have been thinking about this phenomenon for months. I am glad to get this out of my mind and there are many more topics to write about in the weeks to come.

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