¿Te imaginas que sucedería si se lograrán alinear esfuerzos entre las Industrias Creativas, Líderes de Opinión, Gobierno, Instituciones Educativas, Organismos Empresariales, y la Comunidad, para juntos adoptar un modelo de trabajo en donde se aplique el proceso de Design Thinking y Human Centered Design para construir el futuro y desarrollo económico de la mega región de Cali-Baja?

Tomando en cuenta en todo momento las necesidades de la comunidad, poniendo en el centro de la ecuación a las personas, sus necesidades y objetivos. Pero no solo eso; si no que sumándolos en el esfuerzo de co-creación de soluciones en donde ellos…

New Year = New Challenges

First of all, I must start by pausing a moment to acknowledge my gratitude and appreciation to life, family, friends, and clients who are always supporting and encouraging one way or another.

That said, now let’s get back to business, and that is the business of exposing myself to the challenge of keeping at least one post a month, with the goal of becoming more digitally active in the industry and some other professional networks to help growth my practice as an entrepreneur.

I can’t believe it has been already a year since I started…

Getting ready for the 2017

As the new year 2017 approaches, I wanted to jumpstart and be proactive on re-platform my 2016 Portfolio, which was my latest rendition and collection of work that I was showcasing through the year.

In order to grow and organize and balance my work-life situation (I promise I will have a blog post about it soon), I needed to have a more effective way to upload work samples to my portfolio, than doing it the old-fashioned way (hand coding into the PHP incudes). …


I am a multidisciplinary, multicultural bilingual designer with 14+ years of experience, passionate about technology and innovation in the digital space.

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