HIStory: The Pulchritude of Living with a Euphoric Free and Wild Spirit

His. None. Idea. Symbol. Letter. Word. Book. History. Man. We are created with a primitive and archaic soul that seeks and yearns for The Source. It is only a matter of time that we realize the fullness of its existence when a crisis confronts us with darkness and pessimism. Then we begin to question, search for reason and thrive for enlightenment.
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From the current waves of a silent void, an indescribable exegesis manifested from its nothingness and brought upon existence called Man. In the beginning, we were free, pure and pristine. But the feeling of desire for “more” was born and everything became different. Man has learned to develop its brimful potential as it learned to live and survive throughout decades and decades of innovation and greatness. Yet, we are not infinite because we are limited. We are a process, we were never a finished product, we are the trial and the error, the test and the experiment. Consequently, we aspire to be good and perfect in every angle of our decisions in life.

At some point, BIG mistakes arrive and startle us and we think it came to burst our bubble. Little do we know that it was for us to make a moral judgment, sound heart, to maintain integrity, to keep us humane and to clearly set forth the things we fail to understand. Yet, mistakes are often misconstrued. Thus, we learn to abuse and treat it as an excuse to cover our filthy tracks and justify that we have indeed attained “learning” so to speak. Keep in mind, that we are bound by earthly lopes and worldly covet. That said, the spirit is significantly agitated. We tie our very own spirit to a gravity of tumult and chicanery. The spirit is imprisoned and chained in an oblivion. It attempts to break free, still, the flesh is too weak to connive.

After the great struggle, man starts to feel and convey the emotions in to words formed by perspective and perception. It passes the phase of contemplation or commonly known as “realization”. Feeling every sentiment of hurt, pain and misery, the soul procures clarity and gradually transmits it towards the spirit. Right there and then, the light takes place. Our spirit finds freedom, wildness and sanity. Man actualizes elation and liberty. Our spirit begins to wander the miracle of the feeling it brings us.

Finally, we never fathomed that that euphoric free and wild spirit dwelling in us was the Divine Spirit, so holy and sacred that it has transcended your very humanity. After all the grapple and battle within our souls, it was all worth it the moment we have unlocked the portal of our spirit. That was the point of it all, not the misery it caused us but the beautiful mess out of that misery. We cannot use our mortality and humanity as an excuse for our ignorance for that mistake, it can only be our weakness but never a justification for our transgressions. It is within that process-pop-progress, those bunch of failures and on how we performed and willed our best; the ability to endure those hardships that our spirit was able to withstand those waves. As our individuality and spirit collide, we grow in Faith and learn to mature in God’s love and wisdom every time we make that mistake. It is always a learning experience, an episode. It is Divine intervention. It is God moving in our life.

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