What we want the next DNC Chair to say (and everyone else, too)

Phrases for liberals that want a winning vision — rather than more condemnation or compromise.

Since the election, people have been out on the streets, in town halls, on the phone, online, and among friends and neighbors, unapologetically verbalizing a desire for a different present and future. It’s time for the leaders to catch up. This is a place to write the language of the present movement — to collect and express the language Democrats and others haven’t used, but need to.


Crossing a border is not morally wrong — but deadly borders and separating families certainly is.
Immigrants are not dangerous; xenophobia is dangerous.


It is a political, economic, and moral embarrassment that a single person is homeless or hungry in a country with this wealth.
A minimum wage must be a living wage — and a minimum is not good enough. People deserve a livelihood based on their existence — not based on their ability to secure employment.


Health is a human right and a government is responsible for protecting and providing for rights.
Sexual and reproductive rights are health rights.


Almost all people that commit violent crimes are excessively charged, sentenced, and incarcerated.
We must end mass incarceration because it inflicts massive human suffering. Economic costs are not the point — and are often the distraction.


The human impact on the planet’s environment is an existential threat and addressing it is a pre-eminent priority; anyone undermining this project is not welcome in our party.


Our priority is full enfranchisement. Voter registration should be automatic; voting should have the lowest possible barriers to participation; and no citizen should be disenfranchised, regardless of criminal conviction.
States can not have rights: people have rights, and it is unacceptable for them to be treated differently based on the state where they reside.


America has never adequately addressed or remedied the racism that built and is embedded in our present society.
Equality of opportunity is not enough; on race, we demand equal outcomes.


One’s gender or gender identity has no bearing on their entitlement to full and equal rights.


Public education is a fundamental governmental responsibility. Its failure is a result of inadequate and unequal resources, not of

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