You are who makes my heart smile.

You are your hardworking hands that have built houses, grew food, made food, served people. You are those incredible hands that create beautiful works of art, design the future, always thinking in making a better world; your hands have touched my face, my lips, but among anything else, your hands have caressed my soul.

You are your eyes, those eyes that have seen wonders and weariness. Your eyes miraculously transform the darkness in pure and perfect light. Your eyes reflect the best of people because your kind eyes mirror versions of a better world. …

It was a hot summer afternoon after I no longer couldn’t cry anymore when I realized that there is a place where all broken hearts go get mended — the mirror. I promise, I will explain later how you fix your heart in the mirror.

I know, I know — you have heard it all, the 10 steps to get over your ex, the 23 reasons why you need to move on, 5 reasons to move forward, etc. etc. etc. I bet your psychiatrist is now your new BFF because you need to tell someone how difficult this break up…

Luris E. Higuera

Someone with love for writing

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