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People in the industry are fascinated by the reports of North American teams being valued in the low-to-mid eight figures, and presumed multimillion dollar sponsorship deals being announced with companies like Intel, Jack in the Box and T-Mobile. Big numbers drive further media attention, making esports, in that sense, a self-fulfilling prophecy. With tons of media attention, you would think you know about the most valuable businesses in the industry.

But what if I told you there is a company that says its main business esports betting, with a valuation that…

I don’t think the NCAA can add any value in esports, I don’t think it would serve a purpose in esports, and frankly I think esports is better off without it. Allow me to elaborate below.

Key difference between traditional sports and esports that is often overlooked is that esports does not require heavy infrastructure investments, which the NCAA helps pay for colleges. Likewise, the entry barriers for individuals are small, as one only requires a computer/console and an internet connection, further separating the two. …

While making the case for 16:9 will not lead to many people changing their in-game settings for CS:GO, putting all the arguments in one place should allow them to be easily referenced and found by those who are interested, so let us once more walk down the path of endless arguments.

First, let us take a look at the visual, instantly noticeable differences between 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios while in-game:

16:9 aspect ratio in-game (1366x768)

I have tweeted a huge number of various stats, records, etc. throughout the day ahead of BLAST Pro Series 2017, which kicks off in Copenhagen on Friday. This post simply gathers into one place things I have tweeted earlier today.

BLAST Pro Series preparation stats

NiP player offline ratings in the past 3 months:

REZ 1.15

f0rest 1.14

draken 1.11

GeT_RiGhT 1.10

Xizt 0.95

North player offline ratings in the past 3 months:

k0nfig 1.20

MSL 1.07

aizy 1.07

valde 1.06

cajunb 1.03

G2 player offline ratings in the past 3 months:

kennyS 1.21

apEX 1.11

shox 1.07

NBK 1.04

Originally posted on reddit, but posting here so that I can share direct link and avoid getting banned by mods.

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Problem with this analysis is that it seems from the start of your post “I’m not a fan of SK but I am sick of people shitting on players stats” you’ve gone into this with your conclusion, and then found “data” to support it. I quickly went through overpass in the same series on the road (thanks to Znipe’s awesome service), so feel free to compare notes.

CT side:

Round 1: Retaking…

Taloustieteellisesti sanottuna niukkauden vallitessa on tärkeää, että rajalliset resurssit kohdistetaan oikein. Vaikka jonkin järjestäminen olisi rahallisesti ilmaista, työtunnit ovat silti kulueriä. Toisaalta myös vaihtoehtoiskustannukset ovat tärkeitä, ja ne on pidettävä mielessä vertaillessa mahdollisia sijoituskohteita SEUL’in budjetille ja ajankäytölle. Voi siis olla, että vapaaehtoistyöntekijät voivat vetää esimerkiksi hyödyllistä valmennuskurssia kerran kuukaudessa, mutta mikäli samalla energialla on saatavissa enemmän hyötyä toisaalla, on nämä valmennuskurssit pystyttävä unohtamaan.

Koska nettijulkaisut eivät kulu käytössä, on siis mielekästä keskittää resursseja erilaisiin yleispäteviin ohjeisiin, mistä on mahdollisimman paljon hyötyä mahdollisimman monelle mahdollisimman pitkäksi ajaksi. Sen lisäksi on mietittävä tarkkaan — aktiivisen selvittelyn lisäksi — että mitä suomalainen…


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