A mark.

First, music.

I didn’t listen to a ton of music this year, mostly because of clerkship. I did listen to a ton of music before June, but most of them are 2017 favorites which didn’t receive much love from me.

  • Jay Som’s Everybody Works
  • Muna’s About U
  • SZA’s CTRL.
  • Lions and Acrobats’ Mundane

For the 2018 list, these are the ones which did fly under my radar (Predictable, I know).

  • Mitski’s Be The Cowboy. Puberty 2 was my 2016 favorite, but I think Be The Cowboy is her best album yet. If I’m already working, I would fly to nearby countries for her Asia tour. Putangina, bakit kasi walang Manila.
  • Snail Mail’s Lush
  • Soccer Mommy’s Clean
  • Lucy Dacus’ Historian
  • Julien Baker, Lucy Dacus and Phoebe Bridgers’ boygenius
  • Robyn’s Honey
  • Area 25’s You Were Once Here
  • Honne’s Love Me / Love Me Not
  • tide/edit’s All My Friends
  • Sobs’ Telltale Signs
  • Miya Folick’s Premonitions
  • Lykke Li’s so sad so sexy
  • Ex:Re’s self-titled (Elena Tonra of Daughter’s solo project)

Honorable Mentions are Yellow Fang, Phum Viphurit, January’s Vive and LUMP (Mike Lindsey and Laura Marling) I like all four, but I feel like I need to give them more a listen to appreciate.


Personal favorite songs are Mitski’s Remember My Name, which I once talked about in a tweet, Snail Mail’s Speaking Terms, D’Sound and Armi Millare’s Lykkelig, Area25’s Sink. The lyrics can speak for themselves.


I haven’t watched a ton of films nor tv either (I have to go out of my room if I want to watch and lol going out of my room? Is that a thing?) so I have to make do with what I made time for during clerkship. I haven’t seen Roma, Eighth Grade, and I’m still waiting for The Favourite, but so far, I loved Oda Sa Wala and Burning. Both films wonderfully depicted the essence of loneliness. In 2010, Burning would have caused me to bawl my eyes out — but I didn’t. And I guess that’s the greatest gift 2018 gave me . But that’s a different story altogether.

Happy Places

I made this list last year, but didn’t release to the public: Places that scream You Belong Here/Happy Places

It deserved a shoutout because I only started coming/frequented in 2017 despite wanting to visit for YEARS) They also helped me get through the year, as well as this year this is just me being grateful.

My 2017 list:

Poblacion (in general. Everywhere you go: may it be a restaurant, an al fresco bar or a posh speakeasy -- it somehow feels like home. Hi, Dulo!)
Lan Kwai
Route 196/Mow's/saGuijo
Ummason, shet. 😂😂😂

My 2018 is roughly the same.

Route 196/Mow’s/saGuijo
Lan Kwai
Poblacion (Dulo is still a favorite, but I cant wait for Futur:st to open soon)
The Corner Market (my favorite food hall, hello)
Mama Lou’s (where I ALWAYS drag my parents to eat)
Ummason/Romantic Baboy (Samgyup is still my life, lmao)

I’m still makalat this year, bit I toned it down as it became less self-destructive, more just-enough-to-seek-comfort. I don’t expect this list to change drastically anytime soon.

Favorite events of the year

I missed Fete this year (fuck Clerkship), and I’d be damned if I miss Wanderland this year. But I still have my most memorable events.

  • The xx. My favorite international live performance, The xx made me fly. It’s a feeling that I don’t ever want to forget.
  • Jack Daniel’s Indie Fest. It’s not a secret that my favorite local music prod is A Spur of the Moment. I love every band from their roster and at that event, all of my faves were there. The surprise: they’re going to have a collaboration. It’s where White Flag by tide/edit and Dee Cruz sprung out, among others. That transition from Mugatu to Ghosts still gives me chills whenever I remember it. I was getting over something during that time, so imagine a gig that I would normally enjoy — spiked with alcohol. Unforgettable.
  • Escolta. Escolta parties are always wild, but that time was extra special because most of my friends from different parts of my life went, we finally entered the center circle, and it was my last major party before clerkship happened. (Of course, Halloween from Future also happened, but the music wasn’t as great so 🤷‍♀️)
  • Cynthia Alexander. The woman is my local version of Joni Mitchell/Mitski/SVE/Laura Marling etc etc and I’ve been waiting to see her again for some time. I thought it was impossible because she already left the country for good, so when I learned that she’s going to play here again, I dragged my friend just to see her. The collaboration with Ben and Ben was just a bonus.

I was going to make an extra personal post… but I’m not in the mood lmao. Maybe later.




Leaving a mark that it existed.

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Leaving a mark that it existed.

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