I was going to put an Autotelic pun there, but I refrained from doing so… baka akalain ng mga tao puro lait laman nito 😂 Sorry ang fake foodie ko nanaman, but on Stable: Wagyu and Wings:

Not as good as, say, Wings and Things or Silantro... (but definitely better than Tomas Morato’s Taste of Capitol), but this is the most affordable and worth it wings place that I’ve ever been to. Wings usually fare for around 250 half a pound, but they sell it here for 160. And best thing for rice lovers like me, they have a combo meal, (which is not offered in some other establishments): 4pcs wings, dip (bleu cheese!!), chipotle rice, veg sticks (Yes! This is the only wings place I know that serves veggie sticks on the side! The nutritionist in me is so happy), house blend iced tea.

You know me, I wouldn’t talk about the place if the food is shit. So let’s cut the chase: I loved it. I really want my wings to be hot, but not overly so. I want the wings to have that hagod that makes you want to reach for a glass of water, or beer that’s your speed. This earns a yes from that criteria. The chipotle rice isn’t very good though, but I can deal. I don’t go to a wings place for the rice, anyway.

I usually don’t make food posts — I’ve been to a number of restaurants that deserves a post more than Stable, but I made one anyway because this made me realize that I will really miss LB.

I realized its value when I went away from LB for a year. As the saying goes, you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. Spending my first postgrad year as a Northern recluse, I came to realize LB’s worth — the food, the vibe, the energy. There are no good restaurants in Fairview lol. Okay, there’s Matsuya, Pastaholics, Ally’s (pwede na) and Stomping Ground at some level (but the place is more IG-worthy than anything). But that’s it. It sucks that Streat Commonwealth is still a bit far from Regalado (built in OLFU students’ favor), but on the brighter side, last time I checked, the construction for the food park near Pontiac is on-going. Hopefully, the wait will be worth it.

Since I graduated, LB blossomed to become the Maginhawa pt ii place that I aspired it to be. Of course, it’s different because there are actual gigs and open mic around Maginhawa all the time, but Jacques can be your Mow’s substitute.

Fairview is such a dead place. Most of my friends are already afraid to go out at 10 fucking pm. I’m so used to going out at 10pm to have a late dinner whenever I forget to eat during hell weeks. Sometimes I go out at 1 am to grabe a bite or buy myself coffee. I’m grateful that I live at home, but tbh I’m crazy for not opting to choose living near FEU. I might live in an apartment when I can no longer handle it. It will take a lot of getting used to.

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