from the ashes

souls are born, and reborn.
they slip from cold hands into the next body.
from time immemorial, numerous souls have met, departed, 
made merry together, celebrated, and sorrowed.

from there — to the end of time, it shall be so.
an endless exchange of words, feelings, thoughts, lives;
have you ever felt like you once belonged somewhere else,
like you used to be someone else?

you’re just a travelling soul. you’re moving, you’re learning, you’re growing. 
you’re maturing as your life ripens and eventually comes to an end. you’re preparing for the end — which you should know by now, is only the beginning.

in this web of intricate red strings of fate and white strings of have-beens,
i met you.

in another life, in another vessel, in another time where my soul would remain bound to you — would we have met?
if our eyes met, would you have recognized me?
would our hearts beat in tandem once again?

souls are born, and reborn.
past love and remorse are burned in a cauldron, the thick soup of reminiscence always crackles under the everlasting fire of life and rebirth.
we fade like ashes, like we never existed.

but it does not matter; i blow out the fire on your cigarette.
the universe can claim us in another time. 
in this moment, we are in love.

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