Davos 2016 & Gedung Buruk The Movie

Dear World,

Just for remember, you can call me with ”Luten”. Although my name is Wurry Parluten, sometime I think “Wurry” sounds like “worry”. I don’t want to be worry. So you can call me with “Luten”. Yeah, just “Luten”.

This is my experience as a Village Man who try to connect with “World Economic Forum 2016”. I’m not in Davos, I connect with Davos from their page, facebook and twitter. I live at Gelumbang, South Sumatra, Indonesia. I just ordinary person with high-level dreams. I know, if this things makes me feel stupid, mad and guilty. But now, I find the formula if everyone in this planet can “think globally and act locally”.

First, I flashback one year ago, when I and my team start to make a movie. February 13, 2015. That’s the date, after we make a short video about my mother’s clinic. And then we continue to make a feature movie, with the title “Gedung Buruk” or in english “Poor Building”. We create this 79 minutes movie with minimalist equipment. Yeah, sometime we work with (only) everything we have. This talk about spirit. I mean, our spirit to prove something, if we (villagers) can finish one feature length movie.

So we survey to the location at “Belida’s Riverside”. Not only one time, we survey two times for mix the story and the real things. We discuss the story through night by night, for the final conclusion. Yeah, this is very very hard for me, because at 2015 my mind always focus on this movie. I talk to myself for... Finish it!

Finally, its time for movie production. I dunno, what our movie’s style? I mean... There is something different between movie I make before (as a Screenwriter) and this movie. It looks like... “indie movie” for me, but not just indie movie. My mind flashback from the theory at Jakarta Institute of Art (before) when my mentor ever say about “italian neorealism”, but from another point of view this movie like “documentary”. What the type of this movie?

I prefer to focus for finish this movie. What the style? Who is filmaker influence me? I don’t care. My reason, because when we trap for one discussion to another discussion, we can’t finish this movie. Our movie still in our mind and not finish. Just shot, and create the movie. We spend a lot of time for pre-production, and why we still debate at this movie production? Finish it! That’s all.

Shot by shot we create, and then I make a lot of notes. One thing special from this production is, although we have a fix plot, we still use improvisation. Why? Because the real things different with the plot. Now I laugh, just for remember it. Its very very different movie, and of course this is not professional. I mean... This is more crazy than professional. Its unusual for me, and its fun.

In another things, I find something nature from that kids. I really really missed moment like that, I mean... moment when I can imagine my goal. Just for remember, I ever have a goal to be President. In another time, I ever have a goal to be astronaut. When we child, we have a lot of goals. Maybe we influence from our parents, friend, or we influence from media. Yeah, goal only goals. The important things is, how to reach that goal to our reality?

So when we finish that movie production, another work come in, how to mix that shots for a feature length movie? Usually, feature length need 90 minutes duration (at least). But I remember one movie from Italy (forget the title), the duration is 70 minutes. Hmmm... Its difficult homework for me.

I mix shot by shot for finish this movie. I remember, its very tired. Finish it! Finish it! Those are the words from my mind. I make notes, create file, everything. Until I finish the first draft before June 2015, so I show that final for the team. We agree, if this is first draft. So I bring that draft to Jakarta for discuss with another Producer. Yeah, in this movie we have 3 Producers. First, me. And then Kikien Kinanthi (Author). The last is Furqy Tan (The Producer from movie “Wanita Tetap Wanita”). We finally to revision that draft.

At least 2 times I go to Jakarta-Gelumbang for finish this movie. Yeah, it makes me laugh because remember Burt Reynolds in movie “The Last Producer” (2000). I mean, I am Producer for this feature movie, but at the fact, I just “Night Guard” from “Small Clinic” in my village and “a Little bit Rubber Farmer”. Something like... Impossible for me. But as a Producer, I come to “The Art of Film Marketing” in Jakarta last year. It looks like dream, but this is real. Thanks for my network (from my college before).

So, after 3 drafts, we show this movie at the location (August, 2015). In December We show in another village (Tambangan Kelekar). Gedung Buruk The Movie as a Sneak Peek (I mean trailer), we can watch at youtube. For introduce what the theme for this movie. I ever link that movie trailer to Catheryne Ryan Hyde (American author), and another friend in Indonesia. But I remember, if I still study about “Economic Development” at “Indonesian Open University”.

Last year, I learn about World Economic Forum. And this year, I join to discuss after make an essay with the title “Me, Myself and Fourth Industrial Revolution”. One moment in my life is... When I have a chance to ask John Green (author) in World Economic Forum 2016 page. So I use this movie trailer to ask... “What do you think about their goals?”.

This is one of the best moment in my life. When our movie trailer (the theme about kid’s goal) can connect with Melinda Gates’s quote. I mean... This is Melinda Gates. You don’t know Melinda? If you don’t, you must know Bill Gates.

Finally, I am very very thanks for peoples who make this dream come true. For your information, I just ordinary people from Indonesian village (Gelumbang).

At the end of this article, I just remember to all about... THINK GLOBALLY, ACT LOCALLY, TO MEET DEVELOPMENT GOALS.


(Wurry Parluten)


http://mylovemystory2013.blogspot.co.id/2016/01/davos-2016-film-gedung-buruk.html (Indonesian Language)




(Gelumbang, South Sumatra, Indonesia / January 24-30, 2016)