First Medium Post

With my ever changing self identity I will chose the second option of the non-service learning option. That is the auto-ethnography. It will help shape my first year of college and help me develop an identity. I think that will be a way better way for to get a better understanding of everyone’s first year experience . As well as have a solid comparison with my first year experience . I also believe it’ll be more beneficial for me than a community engagement because I don’t believe that I’m honestly that involved within a community. To conduct my auto ethnography I will interview peers from different back grounds, record and photograph my peers(with their permission of course). My questions would be similar to “how is college being a student of color?” This question will help me understand different back grounds, ethnicities and nationalities point of view on this campus as well as be able to compare them to my own.

“do you believe being a student of color at a primarily white institution effects you in any way? and if yes, how?”

“Are you a first generation college student? If yes, does that add any pressure during your first year experience?”

And once I conduct those interviews I can compare those answer to my own and I can have multiple examples to draw knowledge from.

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