“ but I don’t see women who don’t experience violence”

Tom is a troll. This is the only explanation for his ridiculous comments.

Emma, I do not think you owe Tom an apology or an explanation. You did mention violence against men and, a you said, you are a woman writing about your experience.

Most men who are raped are also raped by men. It leads me to believe that men who have been victims of sexual violence would be able to relate to your article as well.

Men like Tom, the ones who aren’t trolls, who believe that women are victimizing them…that feminism is victimizing them…will probably never be persuaded to think anything else. Why would they want to give up their patriarchal privilege?

It’s 2016, perhaps it’s time to raise our sons to treat women differently. Perhaps if we women would put our collective feet down, we can affect some change. We could stop saying things like “pop her cherry” and we can stop parading models around in their underwear on prime time television and we could stop valuing a man’s virility and a woman’s looks above every other attribute.

I am a woman. I have a sister and a daughter. That is 3 women in my immediate family that have all been raped. None reported. I imagine statistics would be off the chart oif the real truth was told.

Thank you for writing this, Emma. It is a beautiful piece that meant a lot to me.

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