Improvements for Apple’s Digital Advertising

I have been doing research on Apple’s marketing/advertising strategies for a course that I am enrolled in at Michigan State University. I have found a range of information applauding Apple for not needing to advertise in the past, to disapproving comments for not taking the advantage of advertising. When it comes to Apple’s digital marketing strategy, it would be fair to say that it barely exists. After doing the research, it is clear that Apple has taken a completely different approach than many major companies have chosen. Apple has built its empire with very little digital advertising, or advertising in general for that matter. Yes, it may be true that Apple was able to succeed without all of the ads that other companies relied on to build their customer base, but Apple is beginning to lose its spot at the top of the current market. So far in 2017, both Samsung and LG have scored higher on a list of the best electronic brands in the world. The spotlight is slipping away from Apple and they need to do something to solve this problem. The first step would be to take measures of advertising that so many other companies have done to raise their success or to keep it.

I have seen an Apple advertisement under a handful of times in my life, and they were all TV commercials. Apple needs to dive into the world of digital advertising one step at a time in order to obtain new customers and regain ones who have switched over to other brands. Apple already has an incredible brand, products, a well developed image, and a great amount of users. I think that the reason for people switching over to companies such as Samsung, is because of their new innovations. People often talk about how Apple’s products do not change very much from versions, but that may not be the only problem. Whether or not Apple implements noteworthy changes or not, they are not giving those changes justice through advertising them.

By Advertising the new additions to products such as the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and more, will allow customers to see more of the changes with technology that are happening. This will peak their interest and will make them want to purchase the latest and greatest product. The fact that Apple hasn’t used advertising in the past to get across the message of new features may have been the decision maker for many customers to switch brand. If Apple can display new additions to their products, they will be able to win back the audience that previously left due to not enough change. Apple could place advertisements on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and more. In addition, they could post ads on many different website pages in order to attract a large variety of people.

Once Apple comes out with a new product, it is crucial that it is advertised on social media. Apple already has social media pages on different platforms, they are just not being used to their full potential, or even close to it. If Apple used these mediums to their advantage, they would receive so many shares, likes, and retweets, which will help other people see what their friends are sharing on social media and become interested in the latest product. There are a variety of different types of ads that Apple can make to post of social media, including videos. All of these ads should be as crisp and exciting as everything else that Apple produces, making sure the brand quality is prevalent within their advertisements. Once people view the ads on Facebook or Instagram, they will be curious and will click on the ad which will take them to that specific part of Apple’s website. This will be a great method to bring potential consumers to the website in order for them to browse different products. Apple will then be able to monitor their progress with how many more people view the website per day, along with how many purchases occur due to advertising on social media.

During this semester I learned a lot about the world of digital advertising, and studying Apple’s strategies have really helped. By being such a large and powerful company, Apple will be able to gain back their top position if they try new online advertising methods. With such a well known/trusted brand reputation, it should not take much to win the world over once again with one of a kind, amazing products.