3 Action Steps To Improve Your Massage Practice
Shawn Kitzman

Hi Shawn,

…..yes, the Passion to assist people who a seeking for a relaxing massage …., to listen to their special needs even if I have a kind of routine providing therapeutically Thai Massage, the Passion it is that drives me to work in that very much health related environment.
And if you run a business on your own, of course, you also shall make some money out of it!

Recently I wrote my newest short article “Massage Therapy Opportunities Worldwide (??)”, because I am stuggling getting clients here in Mozambique.
The country is one of the poorest in the world and not many people having money for such luxus, like a Massage. Yes, the tourists, the hotel guest who comes as a CEO to an international conference ….., yes, here I have some opportunities. And I use those.

….therefore, recently I started to contact venues in other countries…., writing applications, sending my proposals.
Wellness and Spa; large Rehab Centers; Tourism sites (hotels); ….. you name it.
For example, to work during the summer 2017 in Portugal (Algarve), maybe 3 to 4 months would be wonderful…., I am speaking the language beside German and English. Perfect! …..so, let’s see what comes. Still no much response though.

Any suggestions to me, Shawn?
Any experiences on your behalf on how to scale-up the speed to become a more larger market player ??

Warmest regards,

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