Getting from start to finish

Reading notes from a recent dive down the rabbit hole of product road maps and strategic planning sessions.

I’m curious to know: how do you communicate your product goals to stakeholders and team members? Comment or respond if you have any tried-and-true methods for maintaining your strategic plans.

Product Prioritization 101

What you need is a [prioritization] method that makes the process scientific enough to make the process objective (making it clear that everyone’s pet project is being judged equally) while keeping it lightweight enough to…

or, the viral impact of Phillip Gove

Part 1: Enter Webster, Enter Merriam

Noah Webster and beginnings

The saga of the Webster line of dictionaries starts with “the Father of American Scholarship and Education.” Noah Webster is one of the lesser discussed activists of the Revolutionary Era but has had a large impact on the country’s culture.

Born Oct. 16, 1758 in West Hartford, Connecticut, Noah Webster was passionate about learning from birth. He excelled in schooling and, at the age of 16, was sent with the blessing of his parents to attend Yale University. Starting his education in 1774, Webster’s undergraduate career was interrupted by the Revolutionary War when…

Matt Lutze

Discovering old homelands and doing computery things.

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