My Last Meal — Open Source Startup Concept 2016 #1

What: Food Delivery Service

Pitch: MLM (My Last Meal) delivers your last meal for the day.

Wanna loose weight, but not during the day? Häh? 😉

Each day and diet is different.

With MLM, you do your diet-thing as good as you can during the day.

45 minutes before dinner time (or whenever you like!), we ask you via the MLM mobile app for your food intake for this day. Based on that, we suggest 3 meals from our local kitchen that will balance your individual day according to your pre-defined goals!

Had a great English breakfast, normal lunch, but way too many cookies during the afternoon? No problem! MLM serves the right dinner to balance your calories for the day.

For the next couple of days, maybe weeks, I will try to post one open source startup concept a day to figure my next venture in London! Have thoughts? Mail me at Interested in joining one of these ventures? I am looking for talents in sales and operations in London.

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