The Room Next Door — Open Source Startup Concept 2016 #6

What: Real Estate Community

Pitch: Discover the history from The Room Next Door.

Status: 1 hour concept

Ever wondered who lived or died next door? 😉

Maybe not. But wouldn’t it be great to learn some of the hidden details that make every space special (good or not) before moving somewhere new? Maybe the ventilation of the house goes bonkers at night, and you would live right next to it and go effing crazy?

The Room Next Door is a web community where tenants are empowered to share information about the space they live and lived in.

Just sign up, pick your address, confirm that you live or lived there by taking a photo of any utility bill, and describe the position within the house if it happens to be a flat.

Now, share the pros, the cons, anything you wish about this flat and also tell us as much as you like about yourself.

Is the space in the second floor especially great for families with loud kids because the third and first floor is rent to businesses who don’t mind any noise? Let the world know about it.

Do flats in this house look like incredible deals, but one floor is rent to some members of the Hells Angels, and they just don’t obey to any of the house cleaning rules that you outlined so nicely at the entry? (such outlaws!)

Now you can share and follow the story of any house.

I recently started this blog series to get back into ideation mode to figure my next venture in London. By now, I am back in stealth mode and almost ready to launch. Have thoughts about this concept? Feel free to contact me at Interested in joining my new venture? I am looking particularly for talents in sales and operations in #London.

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