I don’t believe that at all. In fact, he’s quite a nice and thoughtful person.
John Metta

I agree with some of your statement here, however, you make the statement that we live in a “patriarchal society”. There is no proof and never has been proof that we currently live in such a society.

It has been proven time and time again that most complaints by Feminists are based on nothing. Great examples are the Wage gap Myth and the Rape culture myth. Nothing supports these claims, yet they are widely used.

Also, you state:

Just because I can see past culture (in this one limited context, mind), it doesn’t mean that he can.
Our entire society assures this man that his perspective is the correct one.

How can you honestly say this without, for even a small moment, thinking this is might not be a normal standpoint to take? 
You are, before the man has even spoken, assuming his position and deeming it unworthy to listen to. 
You are literally dismissing this man’s entire being, simply because he’s white.

It’s ironic to see you complain about systematic racism towards African-Americans when you yourself are being incredibly biased and racist towards the Caucasian male and female.

I’m a Caucasian European man. However, I’d never dismiss a persons thoughts, opinions or arguments based solely on their race or gender.
The way you act towards your fellow man, when they do not share your skin color, is disturbing. If I ever did this to another person where I live I’d get an ass kicking from my father and a stern talking to by my mother.

Just because we are white, does not mean our understanding is lacking or that we cannot discuss “black issues”.

You want to get rid of systematic racism? Maybe start with your own prejudice.

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