Steven Spielberg is RIGHT about the death of Superhero movies.
Johnny B

I want to add to this, or rather, clarify my previous posting. They (Hollywood) are running out of new STORYLINES. Different heroes but the same rehashed storylines. Plus, I really believe that these superhero blockbusters are hurting the quality of writing we see in movies today. Who cares about plot or writing anymore? People go to see the special effects and the audiences are getting younger and less literate and less patient. Something’s got to blow up in the first 3 minutes and have a ear-pounding beat, loads of profanity, and have some comedy relief to hold the attention of today’s filmgoer. Films like Blade Runner, Apocalypse Now, On The Waterfront, Ran, etc, could never be made today because they would be “too slow for a generation dumbed-down on today’s junk-food movies.

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