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Steven Spielberg is RIGHT about the death of Superhero movies. But it is not going to be a fast death and the signs are already there as they are running out of original ideas. Also, remember that this trend of superhero movies didn’t start until around 2001 with the Spiderman movies. Once CGI was good enough, people became curious about making films that weren’t possible in the past like The Hulk, etc. Now that we’ve been OD’d to death with superhero movies and profits and costs are beginning to flatten as these movies costs huge sums to make, the trend is beginning to go towards live action anime starting next year with Ghost In The Shell and, hopefully after that, Akira. Superhero movies will always be around, but I believe that they will be significantly fewer made. On a side note. Why won’t James Cameron just sell Yukito Kishiro’s Battle Angel to someone else since he won’t live to be old enough to make it in this lifetime.

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