Nothing much…

This week nothing interesting has really happen. Just the normal going to school, going home, and doing homework. I haven’t heard of many events going on this week except for the Light up the Nights which is scheduled for 10/16/2015. Most likely this post won’t be as interesting as my other ones, but it can’t be helped, since the event that I want to talk about more has not happen yet. When it does happen, I will make sure I show as much pictures as possible.

Tommy teaching Quynh and I how to play pool at the game room in Coffman.

I guess something I did do is learned how to play pool. I was pretty bad at it though, but it’s fine. It was for fun. It was a interesting experience. I though it was also an interesting way to relax a little bit at college. We went to play pool to help a friend relax a bit because college got a little stressful. I thought it was pretty fun because it was something new to me and that I was playing with some pretty cool people.

I also interviewed a upperclassmen about her experiences at the U during her freshmen year. Her name is Stacy Luu, and yes, she is my cousin. She is currently studying abroad in South Korea for the semester. During her freshman year she said, “ My freshman year, I was very active in searching for a community/student group to be involved with.” Stacy described most of her freshman year was just trying new things and meeting new people. She joined the MN quidditch intramural then eventually moved into student cultural groups. Eventually, she got involved with the VSAM organization, which became like a family to her. Her words of advice for freshman is, “ I would advise freshmens to not be afraid to try and attend events and find things that they like to do to meet new friends. If you find something you like, don’t be afraid to be assertive with your involvement!” Stacy also mentions, “ College can be a very welcoming atmosphere only if you allow yourself the freedom of exploration. Keeping an open mind is also key. And finally don’t forget to have fun.”

I thought Stacy’s advice for freshmen was very helpful which is why I wanted to share her freshman story. She said something similar like this to me before she left for Korea. An example of how her words of wisdom has helped me in college was when I went to the different student groups I have mentioned in my past posts. I don’t think I would have made the effort to try and go get involved with these different student groups. I am glad that I went to the different groups like VSAM and CASA because like Stacy said they were really welcoming. Board members told me if I ever had any questions I could always ask them about it. Especially VSAM’s board member Brandon Luu (Brandon is not my real cousin); he calls me cousin at times because he and Stacy consider each other as little brother and older sister, so that would make me his cousin. I thought it was really nice of him to welcome me as quickly as he did, even though he did not know very much (other than what Stacy has told him). I hope to interview him one of these days.