One Tiring Week

11/10/15- 5:15pm

Because I have no motivation right now I decided to start my medium post earlier than normal. There is nothing much going on this week. Just classes, classes, and more classes. I am honestly so tired from everything right now. I have no motivation to work on homework (I will in the end). I guess the only thing I have to look forward to is the ASU’s (Asian Student Union) GA (General Assembly) retreat that I will be going to this weekend. I am going with my Kaputid and other friends on this over night retreat. The retreat is basically a get to know one another retreat from what I have heard. My Kuya said it was fun when he went last year. Since I am going on this retreat it would probably be best if I can get as much homework done as I can over the week. I’ve been sitting around trying to do homework waiting for my Media team meeting to start. Though not much progress has been made, since a lot of distractions keep popping up out of nowhere.

11/13/2015 8:40am

I’ve been staying on campus a lot later than my usual time this whole week and I guess I am just a little exhausted from it all. I did get a lot of homework done, so I guess it is kind of a good thing. What I am looking forward to doing right now is going to GA. I think it would be a good break for me to go and have some fun. Other than classes, classes, meetings, and meetings, nothing really interesting has happen this week which is why my post is shorter than normal. I can’t wait to talk about GA on my next post.