Stressed but not stressed

Ate, me and Kuya during AKA reveal

I want to start out this week’s post with some questions were brought up last week:

  1. How did your Ate/Kuya get involved with the AKA program?

2. Why did your Ate/Kuya decided to become a Ate/Kuya?

I asked my Kuya these question, and he told me he could write a whole novel on these questions. I was like “Oh dear…” Don’t worry he didn’t. I am just going to quote him on his response because I feel like if I try and condense it, it would not be the same. That goes the same for my Ate’s response.

Kuya’s Response:

  1. “I got involved with AKA through my heavy involvement with the University Asian Student Union. I didn’t have a sense of direction of where I wanted to grow and who I could look towards to find growth. On a whim, I chose to go with AKA program because a lot of my friends in it and I felt as if I could grow from it.”
  2. “I decided to become a Kuya because I felt I have grown so much from those that I call Kuya and Ate. Through this program, you get sorted with official Kuyas and Ates. I got sorted with a Kuya and he was great but always busy. I connected with other Kuyas and Ates that adopted me in a sense and I found the most growth under them. Their willingness to dedicate time to me even through I wasn’t their assigned person impacted me so much because they have shaped me to become the leader that I am now. How they willingly adopted me based on the qualities that I have and the potential they saw within me made me want to do that for someone else. I became a Kuya for someone else because I want to make the direct impact on someones live to flourish and grow like I have. Nothing makes me proud than seeing someone rise from where they were originally to reaching their goals and growing to being someone they can be proud of.”

Ate’s Response:

  1. “ Last year was my first year at the U. I was a freshman who knew a few people but otherwise was really alone for the first time. AKA was something I happened upon. It never occurred to me to join a Filipino student org let alone be apart of there big brother big sister program. I had made a friend/partner in crime or at least exploration. Our goal was simply to meet people and do something other than just study. Really make the most of our college experience. We joined it on a whim because the I met someone who I really look up to to this day told me to do it. And I haven’t regretted a second of it.”
  2. “ The AKA program has been the best part of my college experience thus far and I’ve catheterized a mannequin The people I have met have not only served as great friends but great mentors too through many fun times as well as the tough times college inevitably brings. I was really well taken care of to say the least however no amount of words will ever sum up how grateful I am for the time and love they’ve invested in me. I felt like I owe it to them and the program to pass it down. I also wanted to try to be there for someone else and the program provides a great platform for this.”

I thought my Ate and Kuya’s responses were beautiful. I can’t stress how glad I am to have signed up with the AKA program and to have met them. I don’t think I would have enjoyed college as much as I do now, if it weren’t for my Ate and Kuya that I have only known for two weeks. I also want to mention that PSA does this program every semester, so feel free to sign up. I think I will be signing up as an Ading again next semester. The thing is, once someone is your Kuya and Ate they are your Kuya and Ate for life (I will probably be calling them Ate and Kuya forever), which is the one thing I like about this program. It is a great way to meet people and develop lasting friendships.

I have mentioned in my last post that these upcoming weeks will be a little stressful for me because my exams are finally appearing. Sometimes I just need to rant a little to relax myself. I mean I also have head coordinator stuff to do for Tet Show (this year’s theme is mystical)aside from all the school work I have. Turns out I am also in charge of the props for the photo booth that will be around before the show itself starts. By the way, the show is February 6th, doors opens at 5:30 and show starts at 6:30 at Northrop. Save this date! I also have to start working at my family’s restaurant again because they need some help. Ahhh, it feels good to let some stuff out. ^^ Which is why I feel stressed, but at the same time I don’t feel stressed. I have a lot of stuff to do, but I also have a lot of supporters.

Some of the members of the Lapu-Lapu family (My other Kapatid, Carmel is up at the front and center ^^)
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