Dragon Shit, and College Life

It’s been almost a year and a half since I left home for College. God for freaking sakes it is hard. Oh yeah by the way I do medicine. So I neither have time nor the skill to actually cook and I’m pretty damn sure that whatever I can cook is either tasteless or deadly.

For the first semester of college getting out of home was great. Eating what I want when I want… hell I was having cheeseballs and Soda for breakfast. Freaking dream come true. That lasted actually less than 6 months. I hate cup noodles all together now! Almost puke any time I smell that god awful gut wrenching smell of artificial flavors and dried processed vegetables boiling in the waxed oily noodles. That being said it is only food by the end of a month I can spend to eat. Damn you poor financial handling skills! DAMN YOU!!! I miss home… okay wait back on topic!

So just recently this new shop opened close by to the university, and it actually had good food at the start. The smell of properly cooked vegetables… ahhh it filled my heart with much joy! But that did not last. Customers were pouring into the shop, hell who wouldn’t it was good food. Soon the close by lunch shops started closing one by one! Not that many actually cared. With the customer basis established within one month everything yet again like everything in college life started taking a turn for the worst! Not bad… but freaking worst! As it happens apart from the actual food itself the spices and what not used in the cooking costs. So with no other shops close by to provide lunch and dinner they decided to cut down on the different types of spices and other stuff used and replace every spice with one freaking god forsaken stomach burning tongue ripping one fucking spice!

After a mid semester exam I went home for a while! Good food… good amount of sleep… and warm blankets and my two dogs! Love was in the air…. And so was Grandma’s cooking. My soul was at peace. After returning to find out that the new shop has forced us to either eat from them or cup noodles me having no knowledge of the current spice development I ate dinner from the shop.

Though I did notice the extra spiciness in the meal hardly recognized it as it was mixed with a beer and company of my friends rather homies…. Oh yeah that fits much better! Its always great to return to places where you feel you belong. So after having dinner and checking out the hot girls that come into town now and then we all went our separate ways to our own fortresses of solitude where room was never enough and warm blankets were replaced with sore cold loneliness. The half-finished research paper, the barely touched extra reading did no justice to our lonely souls. So I opened my only savior YouTube… BuzzFeed, John Oliver never seem to fail to give that false sense of connectivity or communication. In fact I believe it is an oasis for college students.

It was time to hit the hay so I picked up my Histology lecture note and went to bed. Must say works like a charm. Two slides into the lecture knocks you out like Manny Pacquiao’s left hook. So there sleeping I wake up in the middle of the night around 2.30am or so with this burning sensation in my gut. I run to the loo… My butt half way to the seat let it rip! Oh god it was parts, chunks, fluid and all freaking Loose Motion. Felt as if I’m Shiting my guts out! And top everything off it was fucking burning! The spice has kicked in.

It was as if a Dragon was breathing out of my Ass… and so the birth of Dragon Shit!

Have to say I didn't sleep very well after that, cause I start getting up to wash my Ass to cool it off. Ever since Dragon shit has been an part of my college experience. Cause its always one of three Dragon shit, Cup Noodles or Die Hungry!

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