I didn’t know until I met you, that love is not about trying to control your partner. It’s not about trying to change yourself and mould yourself into something that is more acceptable to your partner. It is more about loving somebody for exactly who they are both good and bad. If you only see things you need to change, you yourself have not been a good lover. If you were a good lover, you would bring out the best in your partner, make them feel special, as if they existed only for you.

I will not change my taste in music for you. It would be nice if I loved you enough to want to make changes, take interest in your music, and your interests. But that will not change what I like, or who I am.

But I’m stronger now, and I will not accept such treatment from you. I want to be free, totally free. Most of all, I don’t ever want to deny myself love ever again.

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