Luven ICO. Totals!

Dear friends!
Despite all our efforts, we regret to announce we failed to raise the necessary funds by means of the ICO. We made a decision to refund all the investments to active ICO participants.

- 2691 people registered in Investor’s cabinet
- 31.37 ETH raised (79 investors)
- 0.56599733 BTC raised (16 investors)

All the investments will be refunded to the wallets from which transactions were made after deduction of transaction fee within 10 days.

We also would like to say thank you for participating in our ICO, faith in us and support you provided for us.

Special gratitude is expressed to our bounty program participants for their time spent for translations, reposts and likes. It’s a great pity we cannot pay you your bonuses as we haven’t reached the softcap.

One more thing:
Currently, we are deciding about either relaunching of the ICO with the help of more experienced marketing company, or signing a contract with venture investors concerning financing of our project. Therefore, follow us on social networks.

Best regards,
Luven Diagnostic team