The real world doesn’t reward perfectionists. It rewards people who get things done.
Bad Habits You Need to Kill Immediately to be a Much Better Person This Year
Thomas Oppong

Just a gal’s opinion, but that reasoning killed perfectionism, couture and the Art of curating; furthermore, it explains (and will undoubtedly justify) why there are so many people that are lacking grammar and punctuation skills, blogging about crap, Sans originality, replacing the human experience and with algorithms and employed in places formerly housing actual soul and heart, dressed in creativity and thoughtfulness.

The statement that perfectionists aren’t rewarded would make Steve Jobs’ soul roll- ditching his flesh doesn’t mean he didn’t taste the fruit of his labor.

What is anyone “getting done” these days? It’s weird, but since Mr. Jobs passed, propelling oneself in to apps and seemingly good ideas that simply help us think less for ourselves and diminish the quality and perfection of life is the new normal. Apps that help you clean your room or organize your thoughts have replaced elbow grease and diaries. What the hell is getting stuff done got to do with getting things right? You do chores; taking the time, and enjoying it, to express pride in the work a person does, is art and should be a personal expression that can linger and, if it’s great work, the lingering ascends to a provision of daily life…

Millennials and other Biebers in charge of the stupid and done, half assed and low level work, are common sense to a drone, maybe, or a Wooly Mammoth. Catch phrases like YOLO replace Carpe Diem. Murdering Perfectionism: The Nonsensical Approach (to earning a check with no heart, no connection, no problem, mo’ money.)

Where will you (or who will) spend that passionless check if you were ran over right now?

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