This is Monday and if you are reading this without assistance, I hope you already know that today is better because your eyes work.

Today is better because perfect strangers who be in charge of things that have a piece of control in my daily can take time to give thanks that their opportunity started because they received another breath (I hope they are grateful) because each breath is a gift we all end up not opening, once.

Today is better than the rainy and slippery yesterday I spent with my neighbor who I am not having sex with. Spending three hours with another attractive person, soaking wet, zip tying and rigging tarps, umbrellas and anything to daunt the downpour, is just rooftop fellow shipping with another attractive person. Yes: I am 37 and totally available to fix leaky roofs sans personal penetration.

Before you wonder what is wrong with me, take a second and fashion a new you.

This is Monday and I would like to tell Manic Mondays to retire in the decade it began, and just have a maybe more meaningful Monday.

This is a good day to publish.

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