Andela Nigeria Boot Camp Day1 (Spring Cycle)

So it’s Andela Bootcamp day1, really excited to be among the selected few. The day started at about 8.30a.m. We were about 30 or so in my class, mostly guys….lol….but i wasn't intimidated. Our facilitator was Kesi. He explained that the Bootcamp is an extension of the interview stage, and is also a selection process so everyone should put in their best as both technical and soft skills will be taught and tested.

Kesi, further, explained the bootcamp will be focused on JavaScript programming language. He started off by discussing functions in JavaScript, after which we were given labs to complete and test our knowledge.

We also discussed relationship-building, how to build rapport with team members and clients, manage and maintain relationships. Then, we had a session to discuss an agreed topic , everyone contributed by discussing their views/opinions on the topic.

The day came to a close at about 5.30pm, with so much learned……..looking forward to day2.