A summary of my “best advice” to my direct reports

Last year, I had the great honor and privilege of leading a small team of newly hired engineers at Google. Towards the end of the year, as the team began to break up and shift onto other projects, I wanted to summarize my “best advice” for them as they headed off on their own, so I wrote a 10 step guide for career success at Google. As I read over the advice, however, it became apparent that most of it was generally applicable to all sorts of jobs, so I’ve decided to adapt it slightly and publish it here.

Words of Wisdom to My Younger Self

Sept 2013

Dear Me,

I’m sending you this letter from 30 years in the future. Even at your age, I’m sure you’ll recognize that although you think you know everything, every year you seem to learn a lot more, so by extrapolation (remember that word from algebra?), by the time you’re me, you’ll know a boatload. Below, I try to distill all of that into a few key pieces of advice. Some of this will sound familiar from my blog (that’s what people call publicly published personal journals these days), but there is a lot more here that I haven’t…

Chris LuVogt

I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together -Lennon & McCartney

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